Remos-Alpha Packaging

A lot of stuff for Remos-Alpha Packaging (St. Petersburg), one of the biggest producers in the North-West of Russia. Series of posters, website, brochure, business cards, print advertisement, truck tents, photographing and presentation video by Videosfera production. The work done for PR'omaco agency (Finland). Thanks to Kai Hahl, Alexey Chistokin and Andrew Petrashko for collaboration and their ideas.


  • Bright as a peacock’s feather – Full color flexoprint with no limits for fantasy
  • Unique as a zebra color – unique solutions, individual approach
  • Non-standard as a giraffe – Production of packaging of all sizes and formats
  • Strong as a tiger – 18 years in the market, high-capacity production, the team of professionals
  • Tough as a tortoiseshell – modern laboratory, high quality of production
  • Fast as a cheetah – more than 1000 boxes per minute, delivery within the shortest possible period of time